Here’s My Story

Hello and welcome to Brainished and the exciting world of digital streaming and podcasts.

My name’s Mike Smith and for years now I’ve been a serious streamer, fascinated by its endless possibilities in the world of communication and media.

If you’ve found my site, you probably share my interest and are constantly hungry for more information and better products to use in your own endeavors.

There’s no denying the world is changing and some of the fastest-growing forms of digital media today are streaming and podcasts.

Being able to share your thoughts with the world or have an advanced form of communication that lets you reach out to so many is an exciting possibility, but without the right gear or know how, it can be frustrating to get into.

Whether you’re wanting to enter this digital revolution for personal enjoyment like gaming or perhaps for a business venture, you’ve probably already realized just how much information and products there are out there to wade through.

Without some direction, you’ll probably end up wasting time and money before you end up finding the perfect fit, and that’s precisely why I wanted to make this site.

When I first started out with streaming, I was clueless. Finding valuable information that I could actually understand as well as recommendations for products that were good quality and affordable seemed to be the biggest challenge, and I only wished there was an informative hub like this one available.

With that in mind, I started Brainished as a way to share everything I’d found with my hundreds of hours of research to share with others, whether you’re an absolute newbie or have been streaming for years.

I give you up to date reviews and buying guides on software and technology as well as useful information you can actually use in your own endeavors, from starting your own podcast to the basics needed to begin streaming for gaming.

This digital revolution is only going to continue to grow and being involved in these early stages will make you an expert in years to come.

As an informative hub and helpful guide for those involved in streaming and podcasts, I hope you get as much enjoyment out of Brainished as I did creating it, and stay tuned for the news and updates that I post for my followers.